NHU Leaders

NHU has a unique leadership structure based on the idea of shared leadership among teams of elders and deacons.  Rather than doing everything themselves, these leaders are committed to equipping the members of the church to serve in the ways God has uniquely gifted them.  In other words, we believe every member is a minister and the main responsibility of the leadership is to train and empower the members to minister.

Lead Pastor

Israel Steinmetz


Executive Elders

  Victor Del Toro

Victor Del Toro

  Isai Melgoza

Isai Melgoza

  Ray Alcala

Ray Alcalá

  Israel Steinmetz

Israel Steinmetz


Ministry Leaders


Steve Cortez
Worship Deacon


Anna Steinmetz
Outreach Deacon

Mike Flores
Fellowship Deacon

Joe Corrales
Adult Discipleship Deacon

Yunnan Chagollán
Young Adult Discipleship Deacon

Jared Cummings
Men's Ministry Deacon

Misty Melgoza
Student Discipleship Deacon


Hannah Cummings
Children's Discipleship Deacon

Josette Chavez
Women's Ministry Deacon