Our History

New Hope United started with a vision that’s contained in our name.  A vision of doing church in new ways.  A vision of hope for the future.  A vision of divided people being united together.  Here’s a little of our story. 

One day in 2010, at an event drawing a large crowd from area Church of God (Seventh Day) congregations, a man named Victor Del Toro was inspired by being part of a larger group united for worship and ministry. The hope of effective Church ministry and community impact planted a vision in him.  

After a year of praying and dreaming with his wife and four other couples they approached the two congregations they represented, asking to be planted as a new congregation. Surprisingly, the leadership of both congregations asked instead to merge and “re-plant” together!  

In May, 2012, the two congregations merged to form New Hope United Church of God (Seventh Day). NHU was formed with a clear vision. Do Church differently. No small-mindedness, inward focus, petty divisions, or empty traditions. Instead, think big, focus-outward, join together, innovate and leave a legacy for the next generation. The vision was captured in four phrases which remain our mission today: The Gospel Message, Passionate Worship, Discipling Believers, and Love in Action.  Everything we do is oriented around these four things. 

Leadership was combined into teams including members of both former congregations. One of the former buildings was sold, the other rented out, and NHU began renting space to accommodate its attendance.  We met first at the Dan Cook Center downtown and later at Jesus’ Church off 410 and Bandera.  These first years were spent building relationships, reaching out to the community, and planning for the future. 

In 2014, NHU began to focus on building infrastructure.  In October, 2014 we adopted bylaws and appointed an executive elder board to oversee the church.  This paved the way for us to purchase a building.  In August, 2015 we purchased our current facility, next door to an elementary school, in the midst of a suburban neighborhood within twenty minutes of most our membership.   

Our new leadership structure and new location have opened the doors for us to aggressively pursue our mission.  Four years into our existence, NHU is realizing its vision.  We’re more committed than ever to sharing the gospel message, engaging in passionate worship, discipling believers, and putting love in action.  We invite you to help us write the next chapter in our story.