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Worship is part of our church culture. We worship in song and we worship in our lives but what does that all mean. In this series we explore what worship is, why we worship, and why we are a church that worships.  

As we take the next step in our year-long mission of a vibrant, 21st-century church, we to be passionate in worship. 


Worship: More Than A Song  |  Israel Steinmetz|  Sept. 5, 2015


Why We Worship  |  Michael Mancha  |  Sept. 12, 2015


Six Needs Worship Fulfills  |  Michael Mancha  |  Sept. 19, 2015


Worship: Substance Over Style  |  Israel Steinmetz  |  Sept. 26, 2015


Becoming A Passionate Worshiper  |  Michael Mancha  |  Oct. 3, 2015