Basic Beliefs

  1. We believe in an eternal, perfect, powerful, loving being who created everything else that exists.  This one being (God) exists eternally as Father and Son and is at work in the earth by His Spirit. 

  2. We believe we were created in the image of God for the purpose of loving God and loving each other while enjoying and caring for the rest of God’s creation.    

  3. We believe God had a very good plan for us to live very good lives with Him and each other forever. He created us for loving relationships, purposeful responsibility and regular rest. 

  4. We believe that all of humanity—from the first people all the way down to us—have fallen short of loving God and each other and caring for creation.  As a result, we’ve suffered terrible consequences, including pain, sorrow, hatred, violence, disease, and death.  We’ve separated ourselves from the God who created and loves us. 

  5. We believe that God loves us so much He refused to stay separated from us!  God has revealed Himself to us in His own creation, in writing through the Holy Bible, and—most importantly—in person through Jesus Christ.   

  6. We believe God came to earth as a human named Jesus.  In Jesus’ teaching, miracles, and perfect life He showed us who God really was and who we could become.  In Jesus’ death He accepted the consequences for our sins.  And in rising from the dead Jesus demonstrated His authority over everything. 

  7. We believe that the only way to be restored to God’s image and live the very good, eternal lives God has for us is to believe in Jesus and what He has done.  It is this simple act of trust—not any amount of good works or rituals—that rescues us from sin and death.  We demonstrate this belief publicly through being baptized in water as a symbol of our new life in Jesus.  Every Saturday we commemorate this new life by worshipping together and once a year we commemorate this new life by taking communion with one another. 

  8. We believe that after we place our trust in Jesus we are empowered and called to live lives of love for God and one another.  This new life involves new ways of thinking, feeling and acting as God recreates us in His image. We are restored to our created purposes of relationship, responsibility, and rest. 

  9. We believe that being reconciled to God includes being reconciled to each other.  We have a new identity, a new family, a new people—called the Church.  As members of the Church we’re called to share the gospel message, disciple believers, engage in passionate worship, and put love into action. 

  10. We believe Jesus Christ is at work in the earth making everything right through His Spirit and His Church.  Jesus will return to the earth personally to establish His eternal kingdom in a restored earth and heaven.  When Jesus returns, those who have rejected Him will cease to exist while those who have loved Him will live with Him for eternity. 

As a member congregation of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day) we subscribe to our Statement of Faith.  To learn more about our beliefs you can read the full statement here: