Baptism is a way of telling everyone, “I have decided to follow Jesus”.  Think of it like a wedding ceremony.  It takes a private relationship and makes it public.  It takes the commitment to a whole other level.  It’s a public confession of an inward reality.   

Baptism is a powerful symbol of the most important reality.  As we lay down in the water we picture the death of Jesus for our sins and our own death to sinful ways of thinking and living.  The moment in the water pictures the time Jesus spent in the grave.  As we come out of the water, we’re reminded of Jesus’ resurrection from death and our new and eternal life in Him.   

Baptism is much more than a ritual.  Baptism is a way of life.  Those who are baptized are called to live every day repeating this process over and again.  Die to the old way of life and be raised to a new way of life.  A new way of thinking, feeling, and acting.  No longer shaped and pushed around by sin and death.  Free to experience true love and life.  Every day we live the baptized life we’re transformed and restored a little more back into the image of God who created us.  Read more on baptism here.

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