Three years ago, New Hope United held it's first services. For those three years we have held our services in rented space while we saved and prayed. We prayed that God, in His great timing, would provide for us a home. A place sufficient for our needs, with room to grow His Kingdom, and in a place where we could serve the community. 

While looking for a new facility to rent, we crossed paths with Calvary Church. They too were praying and seeking, but for them it was for someone to purchase their current building so they could begin building on theirs. In their prayer, Calvary Church sought a congregation that would not only purchase the property, but allow them to continue to meet on Sundays until their new home was finished. 

God, in His amazing sovereignty, brought the two of us to together so that two prayers would be answered. Through God's amazing power, we were able to purchase this great place and work together with Calvary Church to be a blessing to them as they were to us. 

We are thankful to God Almighty for His great faithfulness to us. We are thankful for the great people of Calvary Church. Their warm, loving hearts have made so much of this possible. Praise God for all He has done!